Lunch Or Dessert? M’sian Mixes Nasi Lemak & Muffin, Looks Like He’s Enjoying Every Bite Of It

Malaysians are known for their quirky ways of improvising their food. Everything has been deemed acceptable to the palate, whether it is nasi lemak cake, durian ice cream, or even salted fish strawberry sambal.

But who knew Malaysians could stretch the limits of local dishes to the point where they could eat both nasi lemak and a muffin in a single dish?

Our brains can’t comprehend how is this even happening, and apparently, the guy in the video seems to be enjoying it as though it’s not his first time.

He’s eating with his hands, carefully taking a chunky piece of a muffin, and mixing it with his nasi lemak, which is also mixed with sambal. 

It’s incredible to witness the extent Malaysians will go to in order to test the limits of local cuisine.

Will Gordon Ramsay approve? Oh what about Chef Wan? 

Would you do the same though? 

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